Mercedes-Benz Car Keys Replacement - Please note, currently our Mercedes Tech is not available. Please check back again in a few weeks.

Supreme Locksmith offers all of your locksmith service needs, any Mercedes-Benz model, and any year.

Supreme Locksmith offers all of your locksmith service needs, any Mercedes-Benz model, and any year. We are based in fremont, however we travel just about anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area to provide you with quality mobile locksmith service on site. We have all the required equipment and experience with all Mercedes-Benz make cars trucks and locking mechanisms. So no matter if you want remote, transponder, keyless, or smart Mercedes-Benz keys, when you call Supreme Locksmith you can rest assured you have made the right choice.

Have you lost your Mercedes-Benz Car Keys, or perhaps just need a spare key?

Supreme Locksmith will come to your location, and will cut a new key from scratch right there. We can also program a remote or make any fob or keyless entry remote. We Can also also erase the old key and prevent it from being able to start the car in case your old key fell to the wrong hands.

Supreme Locksmith Provides the following Mercedes-Benz Locksmith Services

  • Mercedes-Benz Broken Key Extraction
  • Mercedes-Benz Fob Keys
  • Mercedes-Benz Ignition Rekey
  • Mercedes-Benz Ignition Repair
  • Mercedes-Benz Ignition Replacement
  • Mercedes-Benz Key Duplication
  • Mercedes-Benz Key Replacement
  • Mercedes-Benz Keyless Entry Remote Programming
  • Mercedes-Benz Keyless Entry Remote Replacement
  • Mercedes-Benz Lockout
  • Mercedes-Benz Lost Keys
  • Mercedes-Benz Remote Programming
  • Mercedes-Benz Smart Keys
  • Mercedes-Benz Transponder Key Duplication
  • Mercedes-Benz Transponder Key Program
  • Mercedes-Benz Trunk Lockout
  • Mercedes-Benz Unlock

Supreme Locksmith Services all of Mercedes-Benz Models, Any Year

Mercede-Benz 2-Litres Mercedes AMG GT S Mercedes Benz 170 V Mercedes-Benz 130 Mercedes-Benz 150 Mercedes-Benz 170 H Mercedes-Benz 190SL Mercedes-Benz 200 Mercedes-Benz 200 Lang Mercedes-Benz 260 D Mercedes-Benz 300D Mercedes-Benz 300SL Mercedes-Benz 320 Mercedes-Benz 35 hp Mercedes-Benz 370S Mercedes-Benz 380K Mercedes-Benz 400 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 Mercedes-Benz 500K Mercedes-Benz 540K Mercedes-Benz 600 Mercedes-Benz 770 Mercedes-Benz A Class Mercedes-Benz A Class Variants Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Variants Mercedes-Benz B Class Mercedes-Benz B Class Variants Mercedes-Benz C Class Mercedes-Benz C Class Variants Mercedes-Benz C-Class 350 Sport Mercedes-Benz C300 Luxury Mercedes-Benz C300 Luxury 4MATIC Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport 4MATIC Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Sedan Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Mercedes-Benz CLA Class Mercedes-Benz CLA Class Coupe Mercedes-Benz CLA Class Variants Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class Mercedes-Benz CLS Class Coupe Mercedes-Benz E Class Mercedes-Benz E Class Cabriolet Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe Mercedes-Benz E Class Sedan Mercedes-Benz E Class Variants Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster Mercedes-Benz G Class Mercedes-Benz G Class SUV Mercedes-Benz G Class Varaints Mercedes-Benz GL Class Mercedes-Benz GL Class SUV Mercedes-Benz GL Class Variants Mercedes-Benz GLA Class Mercedes-Benz GLA Class car model Mercedes-Benz GLA Class SUV Mercedes-Benz GLA Class Variants Mercedes-Benz GLC Class Mercedes-Benz GLC Class Variants Mercedes-Benz GLE Mercedes-Benz GLE Variants Mercedes-Benz GLK Class SUV Mercedes-Benz K Mercedes-Benz M Class SUV Mercedes-Benz Mannheim 370 Mercedes-Benz R-Class Mercedes-Benz R107 and C107 Mercedes-Benz R129 Mercedes-Benz S Class Mercedes-Benz S Class Coupe Mercedes-Benz S Class Sedan Mercedes-Benz S Class Variants Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid Mercedes-Benz SL Class Mercedes-Benz SL Class Roadster Mercedes-Benz SL Class Varaints Mercedes-Benz SLK Class Mercedes-Benz SLK Class Roadster Mercedes-Benz SLK Class Variants Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mercedes-Benz SS Mercedes-Benz SSK Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart 200 Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart 260 Mercedes-Benz Tropfenwagen Mercedes-Benz V-Class Mercedes-Benz Vaneo Mercedes-Benz Velo Mercedes-Benz Viano Mercedes-Benz Vito Mercedes-Benz W10 Mercedes-Benz W108 Mercedes-Benz W111 Mercedes-Benz W112 Mercedes-Benz W114 Mercedes-Benz W120 Mercedes-Benz W123 Mercedes-Benz W124 Mercedes-Benz W125 Mercedes-Benz W126 Mercedes-Benz W126 Mercedes-Benz W143 Mercedes-Benz W163 Mercedes-Benz W163 Grand Prix Mercedes-Benz W164 Mercedes-Benz W18 Mercedes-Benz W201 Mercedes-Benz W212 Mercedes-Benz W219 Mercedes-Benz W221 Mercedes-Benz W31 Meredes-Benz 28/95


Supreme Locksmith has state of the art locksmith equipment covering all major vehicle makes, we are able to make duplicate and replacement car keys, remotes, fobs, and much more.

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